Hera is a “loss-in-weight” depositor used to dispense free-flowing materials by weight, into or onto conveyorised products.



Hera is a “loss-in-weight” depositor. It is used to sprinkle free-flowing materials (powders, grains, nuts, peas, frozen vegetables etc), by weight, into or onto conveyorised products.

Hera can also be employed as a “salt and cure” depositor for dry cured bacon systems and multiple Hera machines can be joined together to create a semi-automatic dosing system.


  • When used as a simple depositor to dispense a predetermined weight, Hera reduces the amount of giveaway compared to manual presentation.
  • Deposit weights and variance can be automatically recorded and individual or batch weight data presented to the customer’s database.
  • Hera’s accurate deposits ensure that the finished product has a consistent specification, taste and appearance.
  • The accuracy of the deposit reduces the amount of overspill.

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Dairy, Bakery, Protein


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