Raptor Combi

Real quality produce takes real quality precision

We understand that precision is everything to the protein and bakery sectors. We supply world-class systems that provide the granular level of precision you need – increasing your productivity while minimising downtime. Choose from our extensive produce range below.

Raptor CombiRaptor Combi

Raptor Combi

For manufacturers where traceability is paramount, the Raptor Combi is a new fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system.
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Cerberus XSCerberus XS

Cerberus XS

The Cerberus XS is a highly accurate, fully integrated, combination metal detection packaging inspection and check weighing system specifically designed for high speed food production environments.
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Hera is a “loss-in-weight” depositor used to dispense free-flowing materials by weight, into or onto conveyorised products.  
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Hestia Dough WeigherHestia Dough Weigher

Hestia Dough Weigher

The Hestia is a highly accurate bread dough check-weighing system, specifically designed for bread production environments, and providing real-time control feedback to the dough divider.
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