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Precision-made combination checkweighers and contamination system.


The TS 310 range of checkweighers is available in many different sizes and configurations. Generally, the checkweighers are built to suit project requirements. The Sparc TS 310 is a precision made, combination checkweighing system that is used to;
• Inspect each product for metal contamination and reject any container containing metal into a dedicated metal reject station
• Verify the weight of the product and reject any out of weight specification product into a dedicated weight reject station

The Average Finished Weight Variance (giveaway) will also be calculated and the system will, if required, provide a control feedback signal to upstream equipment. This is used to portion the product, signalling it to increase or decrease the fill quantity.

The System has been designed, engineered and constructed to exceed bakery engineering standards.


Speed: Dependant upon application

Weight Capacity: 10,000 grams
• Totally supported weigh-head concept
• Trend (Servo) feedback to upstream equipment
• Average weight (e mark) or minimum weight operation
• Automatic zero tracking

Optional Integrated Metal Detector

Optional Reject Integrity Measures
• Fully compliant with HACCP and retailer code of practice requirements

Data Collection
• The USB Store Data Capture System is a simple yet highly effective way in which to manage the data generated by the system. The system collects and manages the statistical data and results generated for all measured attributes at the Metal and Weight Stations. The data is identified by the date and time that they are generated.
• The Statistical Data File can then be saved to a network file server, memory stick or PC.

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