Sentinel XL Checkweigher

The Sentinel XL is a highly accurate, fully integrated checkweighing system, specifically designed for food production environments.



Not only is Sentinel capable of calculating Average Finished Weight Variance (giveaway) but it also provides a controlled feedback signal to upstream equipment used to portion the product, signalling it to increase or decrease the fill quantity.

The System has been designed, engineered, and constructed to the highest High Care/Food Grade engineering standards.


Pack Sizes: 400mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 150mm (H)

Speed: 150 packs per minute

Weight Capacity: 12,000 grams

  • Totally supported weigh-head concept
  • Trend (Servo) feedback to upstream equipment
  • Average weight (e mark) or minimum weight operation
  • Automatic zero tracking

Configurable Reject Integrity Measures

  • Fully compliant with HACCP and retailer code of practice requirements
  • Automatic test reports
  • Audit log

All Electric Design

  • Servo driven reject provides superior reject performance and repeatability
  • No compressed air required
  • Low operating cost

Data Collection

  • Improved compliance
  • Instant, live production, QA reports and batch information
  • Sent direct to the network or wireless devices

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Checkweigher, Label inspection


Bakery, Dairy, Ready Meals, Produce, Protein

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