Raptor Combi

For manufacturers where traceability is paramount, the Raptor Combi is a new fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system.


For manufacturers where traceability is paramount, the Raptor Combi is a new fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system developed by Fortress Technology and Sparc Systems in a collaborative first. This next evolution of inspection system features ground-breaking compliance control software to ensure the highest quality of inspection. 

Modular in design, the Raptor can be used standalone or easily integrated with a metal detector for a sleek combi system. Placed at any stage of your process, Raptor runs at 150 packs per minute while accurately inspecting products weighing up to 8kg and 300 x 400mm in size. Programmed measurements allow operators to quickly view live data regarding product weight, batch weight and giveaway to verify that product is running within set tolerances. Both checkweighing and metal detection can be optimised through the same monitor and remotely accessed. 

Protect your customers and safeguard your brand

If you supply the supermarkets, Raptor’s compliance control software will ensure every COP (Code of Practice) is being met. All COP and product specifications are programmed into the control system which in turn alerts an operator at a scheduled time. This prompts a step-by-step auditing procedure and requires a signatory before results can be made available through USB download or uploaded automatically to your server. This system prevents skipping tests and tampering with results by notifying a manager. If any COP changes, our “Guaranteed Sustainability” commitment provides you with the latest software to keep you up to date for the lifespan of your machine.

Raptor Combi Brochure (PDF)


Size Capacity: 300 x 400 millimeters

Speed: 150 packs per minute

Weight Capacity: 8 kilograms

  • Trend (Servo) feedback to upstream equipment 

Configurable Reject Integrity Measures:

  • Fully Compliant with HACCP and retailer code of practice 
  • requirements
  • Automatic test reports 
  • Audit log 

Data Collection:

  • Improved Compliance
  • Instant, live production, QA reports and batch information 
  • Sent direct to the network or wireless devices

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