Ingredients Blender

Automatically and accurately blend up to 8 kilograms of minor ingredients per minute.



Sparc System’s Ingredients Blender is designed to satisfy the requirement to automatically and accurately blend on demand by weight, placing multiple dry free flowing powders and ingredients into a receiving hopper.

The proportions of each ingredient can be:

  • Entered as a new blend type by simply keying in the weight of each ingredient
  • Entered as a custom blend by simply keying in the percentage of the total for each ingredient
  • If the blend has been previously set up and stored, an existing blend type can be recalled from the system memory by selecting the required blend from a menu selection

The system is designed to operate at up to 8 kilograms of blended product per minute.

A Transfer Unit Platform is positioned above the ingredient hoppers, providing a position to mount a Vacuum Transfer Unit for each ingredient.

The system employs three ingredient hoppers and each hopper is mounted to a vibratory feeder assembly that is in turn mounted onto a load cell platform.

On demand from each ingredient hopper, the vacuum transfer units are activated, delivering ingredients to the ingredient hopper. The ingredients are weighed and the vibratory feeders are activated, feeding each ingredient at a preset and proportional flow rate into a mixing chamber until a predetermined ingredient weight has been dispensed.

The weight of each ingredient is determined by monitoring the “loss in weight” from the ingredient hopper. This provides for very accurate control of the dispensed weight and blend accuracy.

The vibratory feeders each have independent and active amplitude adjustment and therefore the dispense rate of the ingredients may be synchronized, even though the weight and volume of each ingredient may differ. A variable speed mixing paddle in the mixing chamber rotates and blends the ingredients for a predetermined number of revolutions.

Once the blend cycle is complete, the mixing paddles are reversed and the blended product is vacuum transferred to the next step in the process. The cycle then repeats.

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