Hestia Dough Weigher

The Hestia is a highly accurate bread dough check-weighing system, specifically designed for bread production environments, and providing real-time control feedback to the dough divider.


Accuracy and reliability are essential in twenty-first century bakery, ensuring quality and customer safety – the hallmarks of today’s bakers. There has been considerable innovation in the bakery sector, with a new array of exciting breads and baked products that appeal to consumers’ increasingly sophisticated tastes being introduced. The Hestia provides the solution to the need for twenty-first century bakery automation.

The system has been designed, engineered and constructed to the highest bakery specification engineering standards.




Speed: 10,000 products per hour

Weight Capacity: 3000 grams

  • Totally supported weigh-head concept
  • Trend (Servo) feedback to upstream equipment
  • Average weight (e mark) or minimum weight operation
  • Automatic zero tracking

Configurable Reject Integrity Measures

  • Fully compliant with HACCP and retailer code of practice requirements
  • Automatic test reports
  • Audit log

All Electric Design

  • Servo driven reject provides superior reject performance and repeatability
  • No compressed air required
  • Low operating cost

Data Collection

  • Improved compliance
  • Instant, live production, QA reports and batch information
  • Sent direct to the network or wireless devices

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