GW 150 – Net Weight Grading Systems

The Sparc Systems GW 150 Grader is designed to meet demands for highly accurate, high risk net-weight grading systems.


Continuous precision weighing maximises throughput and efficiency to provide products for further processing or for automatic supply to packing lines.

Bespoke design allows ultimate flexibility in the number of grading bands and operator interface with downstream equipment.

Sparc Systems Graders are designed, engineered and constructed to the highest High Care/Food Grade engineering standards.

The GW 150 employs a simple ergonomic modular design which is robust, easy to clean, easy to operate and maintain, and ensures compliance with all factory personnel and food handling safety requirements.

The modular design ensures reliability and, by designing out potential failure modes, the GW 150 is extremely simple and quick to repair. The patented Mag Drive conveyor assembly, drive components, load-cell and motor controls are all designed to be removed from the machine, as a complete module, without tools, by unskilled labour and replaced in under 30 seconds. The Mean Time To Recovery after a module is replaced is 45 seconds.


Speed: 200 packs per minute

Weight Capacity: To suit application
• Totally supported weigh-head concept
• Trend (Servo) feedback to upstream equipment
• Average weight (e mark) or minimum weight operation
• Automatic zero tracking
• Fully compliant with HACCP and retailer code of practice

All Electric Design
• Servo Driven Reject provides superior diverter gate performance and repeatability
• No compressed air required
• Low operating cost

Data Collection
• Improved compliance
• Instant, live production, QA reports and batch information
• Automatic test reports
• Audit log
• Sent direct to the network or wireless devices

Actual Weight Feedback eliminates accumulation error and improves production output and accuracy

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