Metal detection inspection and checkweighing system for bread products

Engineered to reduce costs and wastage

Our metal detection combination systems are designed to effortlessly detect metal contaminants whilst reducing ingredient wastage. Built for high performance environments and a diverse range of industries, our combi systems provide a single point of control for key operations and can help to save valuable foot space on busy production lines.

We also offer checkweigher combination systems and x-ray combination systems, which can also help production lines monitor ingredient distribution and detect contaminants early in the production process, potentially delivering significant cost savings. 

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    Checkweigher machine display

    Integrated combi system for space-saving efficiency

    Utilising both cutting-edge metal detection technologies and innovative checkweighing functionalities, our combi systems are controlled with a simple user interface for easy use and maintenance. Simple integration with existing systems allows our metal detection tools to be installed quickly, providing an immediate uplift in quality control whilst simultaneously saving space at the end of the line


    Raptor CombiRaptor Combi

    Raptor Combi

    For manufacturers where traceability is paramount, the Raptor Combi is a new fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system.
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    Cerberus XSCerberus XS

    Cerberus XS

    The Cerberus XS is a highly accurate, fully integrated, combination metal detection packaging inspection and check weighing system specifically designed for high speed food production environments.
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    Comprehensive metal detection support

    Our commitment to minimise production downtime across food and non-food sectors goes further than just manufacturing and supplying high-performance systems. We offer comprehensive metal detection service and support to all Sparc Systems customers to help alleviate the pressures associated with equipment faults.

    From on-site training, system calibration and inspections to the distribution of replacement parts, components, subsystems and modules, we do all that we can to make the lives of production engineers easier.

    Find out more about how we can help you get the best out of your metal detection system, read up on the Service & Support offering we provide to all customers.

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