Streamlined labelling processes

Our label inspection machines, whether used for dairy, bakery, produce or protein, are available as standalone products or as part of a machine with other functionality such as check weighing or x-ray detection. The technology will inspect each label for the presence of a correct product description, date code, lot numbers, allergen ID codes and barcode. Products with faults are automatically pushed into a rejection bin, safeguarding against potentially business critical events where products are recalled. Information on reject products will automatically be tracked and corrected with our data collection software.

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    Secure and reliable systems

    Accurate labelling systems are essential for fast-moving and cost-effective food production. At Sparc Systems we are committed to eliminating the occasions where emergency product recall is down to faults in packaging or labelling. Our label inspection technology automatically tests pricing and allergen information as well as identifying when packaging isn’t safely intact, giving businesses total peace of mind. Sparc Systems’ label inspection systems do not need human intervention, which means they are fast, reliable and allow businesses ultimate control over productivity.

    Our systems have been designed, engineered and constructed to the highest food grade engineering standards, including HACCP and retailer code of practice requirements.


    Comprehensive labelling system support

    Our commitment to minimise production downtime across food and non-food sectors goes further than just manufacturing and supplying high-performance systems. We offer comprehensive labelling service and support to all Sparc Systems customers to help alleviate the pressures associated with equipment faults.

    From on-site training, system calibration and inspections to the distribution of replacement parts, components, subsystems and modules, we do all that we can to make the lives of production engineers easier.

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