Sparc Theia Inspection Checkweigher In Action

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Sparc Theia Inspection Checkweigher In Action

Discover unparalleled precision, accuracy and speed

The Theia from Sparc Systems is a fully integrated, single point control combination x-ray inspection and checkweigher, delivering incredible precision and speed.

Designed for the high risk food market, it’s a robust machine with automatic adjustments and reporting. Rejecting contaminated packs and verifying weight, it will help you avoid product recalls and ensure compliance.

The Theia is also designed to increase efficiency. It’s an airless system, which not only makes it environmentally friendly. It’s also incredibly cost-effective, with one machine saving you an average of £4,000 per year.

Watch our video to see the Theia in action and hear Sparc Systems MD David Buckley talk you through the benefits.

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