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Colour-changing labels reveal food freshness

A new way to label food may soon help consumers to more accurately see if a product has passed its expiration date.


Label indicators that change colour depending on temperature fluctuations in the supply chain can reveal whether meat and other perishable products are fresh.


Currently, the main issue with a printed Best Before Date on a pack is that you don’t know if the required cool temperature was maintained throughout the life of the product.


Time Temperature Indicators (TTIs) on labels change colour based on how much heat a pack is exposed to over time and reveal the true freshness.


Our SparcEye technology has an important role to play in this process. It has a camera that can check the RGB colour value of the TTI together with all the other data on a food pack.


All the readings are stored in a database for reporting and audits to prove all packaging criteria are met during production.


Some two million tonnes of food is wasted each year in UK homes, much of which could be avoided if labels were interpreted correctly.


In another move to change labelling, sustainability experts Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has issued guidance recommending usage of a new Little Blue Fridge icon for foods that should be kept chilled, or benefit from being kept in the fridge.


While all the changes in labelling are of benefit to consumers, they put greater pressure on producers to ensure their products are compliant. That is why we ensure our Sparc technologies remain up-to-date and relevant to your needs.


Want to know more about our SparcEye label inspection solutions and how they can help you stay compliant? Get in touch.

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