Enquiry about Technogear first to bring VEX’s Innovate Award back to the UK

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Technogear first to bring VEX’s Innovate Award back to the UK

We have a real passion for STEM and robotics at Sparc, particularly when it comes to inspiring a new generation of talent within the industry.  So when Technogear, a young team of aspiring engineers hailing from Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet, approached Sparc for sponsorship opportunities we were delighted.

The team, all in Year 9 (pictured), asked us to support their entry to the 2018/19 VEX Robotics World Championship in Kentucky, US. We proudly sponsored Technogear on their journey through the championship, where more than 8,500 skilled teams competed against each other. The boys saw off tough competition from some of the best teams around the world, earning them a place amongst just 400 elite teams who competed against each other in the final.

The team returned home from the final with well-deserved prizes. Together, they brought back the following awards:

Innovate Award: Won for demonstrating ingenuity and innovation in their robot designs. Technogear can doubly celebrate in being the first UK team to win this award.

Teamwork Challenge Division Champions: Central to the VEX competition is the teamwork challenge where two robots work together to maximise their score. The contest began with 82 teams, and after three days of gruelling hard work, Technogear achieved 5th place in the world, the highest rank a European team has ever received.

Sportsmanship Award: This award is a true testament to the good nature of the Technogear team, who won the Sportsmanship Award for their respect and enthusiasm during the competition.

Finally, the Technogear team achieved a score of 41, which no other team was able to beat at this year’s competition. Watch them in action, and see how they used skill and innovation to set records at this year’s event!

We’re very pleased to have had the opportunity to sponsor such a creative team at this international event and share in the joy of seeing them bring home their awards. Daniel Frank, Sales and Commercial Director at Sparc, said: “We are very proud to have been offered the chance to support Technogear – clearly a force to be reckoned with – watch this space!”

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