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Technogear continues to impress

We are very proud to announce that Team Technogear, the young robotics team that approached us for sponsorship in late 2018, have recently competed in the VEX IQ National Championships, ranking highly.

The two-day event took place in Telford and saw more than 60 teams competing for the coveted invitation to the World Championships. Technogear quickly saw off the competition, placing themselves highly in the ranking, and as a testament to their good nature was awarded the Sportsmanship award for their respect and enthusiasm during the competition.

Their engineering skills never came into question, as for the third time this season they were awarded the Design Award for their excellent robot design and engineering processes – cementing their place in the World Championships in the USA this year.

“Technogear continues to be a prime example to young aspiring engineers, and we are always excited to read their update emails. It’s amazing to see such dedication from these boys, and we’re very proud that their hard work is paying off.

“They’re still only half-way to their £8,0000 funding goal, a goal that will help fund their travel, accommodation and robotic supplies for the finals. They’ve worked incredibly hard to make it to there, and we urge others to sponsor so, together, we can help them come out on top.”

From us at Sparc, well-done Technogear, you truly deserve the success.

To support Team Technogear, click here to visit their JustGiving page.

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