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Introducing Phil Laurence – Sparc Systems welcomes technical sales support manager

Sparc Systems is boosting its portfolio by appointing Phil Laurence as technical sales support manager.  

Phil joins in a strategic move to support the increasing demand for complex, bespoke projects, both in the UK and on a wider, international scale – from specification right through to install and to ensure ongoing, excellent customer service.

In a career that spans 19 years in various sections of the food industry, including the fresh, snack, logistic and ecommerce sectors and companies such as Herbert Industrial, Loma, Ishida and Bizerba, Phil will focus on enhancing customer experience and ensuring the timely delivery of equipment.

He said: “As demand for high quality food at lower prices continues to rise, manufacturers and distributors are under increasing pressure to increase efficiency. Automation is key here and Sparc already offers a solution to deliver.

“I have always looked at everything as an engineer, having spent the first 14 years of my time in the food industry as a field service engineer and product specialist, and I believe we are pushing the boundaries in the food industry.

““Understanding the increased need for data to be freely accessible from the whole line on the shop floor and likewise, having the ability to cascade data down to the line from a host system has become more crucial in today’s environment. Sparc has the open interfaces to enable our customers to do exactly that.

“I look forward to achieving positive outcomes for manufacturers and distributors that feel challenged by the rise of online shopping, demand for higher quality products at lower prices, and pressure to improve packaging to reduce plastic pollution.”

David Buckley, managing director for the Malvern, UK-based firm, said: “The customer experience is our top priority and we look forward to enhancing our existing relationships and ensuring our customers get the greatest efficiencies and returns from both our systems and our support.

“We have increased our support capacity for our growing number of international distributors in North America and Europe by bringing in Phil. It’s crucial we continue to lead with innovation and ensure we are delivering what our customers are asking for.

“That being bespoke and fully integrated machinery that increases your business productivity, while minimising downtime.”

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