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Sparc Systems to launch unique ingredient depositor at IFFA

UK-based Sparc Systems will launch Hera, a “loss-in-weight” depositor, at this year’s IFFA trade show in Frankfurt, May 4 – 9.


Having designed and delivered checkweighers, X-ray, label inspection and bespoke weighing systems for more than 40 years, the launch of Hera is a leap forward for the food production industry and its efforts to reduce wastage, the company claims. Hera is used to sprinkle free-flowing materials, such as powders, grains, nuts, peas and frozen vegetables by weight into, or onto, conveyored products. It reduces giveaway and accurate deposits ensure a reduction in overspill and the finished product has a consistent specification, taste and appearance.

Daniel Frank, sales and commercial director for Sparc, said: “Hera is a world first. It’s the most accurate depositor of materials onto conveyored food there is. Deposit weights and variance can be automatically recorded and individual batch data delivered in real-time back to the customer’s database. “Given the automation, it ensures that wastage and labour are reduced dramatically. Only that which is needed is sprinkled in a “stop – start’ motion, which makes it unique.

“One customer found that it was previously wasting around 50% of its parsley. That wastage has pretty much been eliminated as the parsley now only lands on the product and likewise, only the required weight of parsley is dispensed in line with Codes of Practice.”

Sparc will be showcasing Hera alongside distributing partners Jansen Control Systems from The Netherlands, and UK-based Fortress Technology.

Hera can also be used as a “salt and cure” depositor for dry cured bacon systems and multiple Hera machines can be joined together to create a semi-automatic dosing system.

Sparc invites all-comers to visit the stand at HALL 11.1, BOOTH C71 to see Hera in action or make an appointment with our team here.

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