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Sparc will be showcasing Cerberus for the first time in Turkey, at FOTEG 2019.

In October 2018 we announced our partnership with Istanbul based Compass Consulting & Engineering. This has opened the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets to us, and we are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting alongside Compass at FOTEG 2019, in Istanbul – our very first joint venture with them.

FOTEG 2019 is the 14th annual international trade for food processing and packaging technologies, and with a growing Turkish economy, it has become an increasingly important market for European and North American companies. The exhibition attracts worldwide food processing equipment suppliers, food production companies and both representatives and senior management of international brands.

Daniel Frank, sales & commercial director for Sparc, says: “We are very excited to be showcasing our Cerberus and Iris systems, alongside Compass. There is growing demand for food safety technology for the domestic market and for export to Europe and the Middle East – it’s driving demand for both inspection and automation.

“The technology in Cerberus is unique, particularly in the Turkish market while Iris answers the demand for inspection in food manufacturing pumped goods, specifically in dairy and protein.”

We’re excited to be networking with some of the world’s food technology leaders on the 7th – 10th March 2019 in Istanbul, if you’d like more information regarding the show, check out their website here.

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