Enquiry about IFFA sees launch of unique ingredient depositor, HERA

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IFFA sees launch of unique ingredient depositor, HERA

This year’s IFFA, one of the leading trade shows for the meat industry, drew in tens of thousands of visitors, exhibitors and industry thought leaders. Hosted in Frankfurt this May, the show saw us launch Hera, our cutting-edge, new loss-in-weight depositor. Having been innovating and developing industry-leading products for over 40 years, we have successfully pushed the boundaries once more with our new product, set to reduce wastage and increase production line efficiency.

Attendees saw first hand how our new system, which automatically dispenses a variety of free-flowing materials by weight, onto conveyorised products, addresses current industry focus points. In addition, the system reduces the burden on manual labour, allowing businesses to streamline and reallocate their workforce elsewhere.

Watch here to see the Hera in action. 

We proudly showcased our new innovation alongside partners Jansen Control Systems from The Netherlands, and UK-based Fortress Technology. As three industry leaders we celebrate joined up thinking, with the result of combining their skillset to develop and distribute game-changing products.

Germany’s VR magazine and Frankfurt Daily covered Hera’s uncovering in full.

We are looking forward to presenting at Interpack next year, and are already planning our next innovations for IFFA in 2022.

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