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Looking For Ways To Reduce Your Giveaway?

Looking for ways to reduce your giveaway?

Our three-headed dog is standing by

  • Are you worried that you’re giving away too much produce?
  • Is it having a detrimental impact on your bottom line?
  • Are you unsure how best to tackle the problem?

One of Europe’s leading food manufacturers answered “yes” to all those questions. As the processor of 150 tonnes of meat every week, it needed a solution fast. And that’s when we came onto the scene.

Cerberus to the rescue…

If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you’ll know that Cerberus is a three-headed dog – not something you’d normally associate with increasing ROI and reducing giveaway.

However, that’s exactly what the Cerberus – or seven of them, to be precise – has done for this manufacturer.

  • Highly accurate and fully integrated, our machine combines metal-detection with packaging inspection and checkweighing.
  • It has a clear touch screen control panel, delivering constant feedback on volumes, weight and speed.

…with a 55% reduce in giveaways

The results have been spectacular, reducing giveaways by a huge 55% and leading the client to declare that this is “the best machine” he’s ever bought.

  • Each machine copes with more than 40,000 packs of food on a daily basis.
  • What’s more, our systems deliver an uptime of nearly 100%, with speedy product changeovers having an input too.

Like to know all the details? Then you’ll have to read the full case study. Or to make Cerberus your business’s guard dog, just get in touch.

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