Spanish launch with Haratek at Hispack 2018

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Spanish launch with Haratek at Hispack 2018

We launched our new partnership with Spanish industrial machinery supplier Haratek last month at the Hispack 2018 event in Barcelona.

The event saw us showcase the Sparc Theia machine – our most advanced, practical combination X-ray, label inspection and checkweighing system – which sparked fantastic feedback from event attendees.

Delegates were impressed with its:

  • Food safety features
  • Full compliance with all major retailers Code-of-Practices
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Camera system
  • Label and packaging inspection features
  • All-in-one capabilities
  • Ease of changing a product
  • Reduced time for operators

Our sales director Daniel Frank and sales manager Charlie Graham attended the event with Haratek’s owner and founder Anxton García and its directors Xabier and Jokin García.

With its broad range of packaging solutions and connections with British-based traysealer Proseal Limited., Haratek has a great offering for packaging and end-of-line solutions for the Spanish market.

Speaking about the success of the event, Daniel Frank said: “Our new partnership with Haratek marks an exciting time for Sparc Systems, as it widens our network with major fresh food manufacturers in Spain, and enables food manufacturers in the country to comply with all major retailers’ requirements for food safety in Spain and for export to other European countries.

“In addition, Haratek is recognised for its professional, friendly sales department which is highly respected by its customers. Its complete coverage of Spain is a great asset which we are excited to have access to.

“And, our showcase of the Sparc Theia machine was received extremely well during the event. Its robust, sturdy composition designed for harsh environments in modern food manufacturing plants and its full set of food safety features excited customers.

“We’e now looking forward to attending demo roadshows with our machines including Theia, Iris and our label inspection system Raptor in the coming months.”

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