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Why you don’t need Superman to avoid product recalls

Why you don’t need Superman to avoid product recalls

There’s only one Superman. He’s a pretty talented guy. But even he’d be spreading himself pretty thin (not to mention neglecting his evil-thwarting duties) if he used his x-ray vision to help every food manufacturer and processor avoid costly and damaging product recalls.

So, how can you avoid the headache of your product being pulled?

Products are recalled for a myriad of reasons. But, most often, it comes down to incorrect labeling at the point of sale.

  • Wrong data input
  • Poor quality print
  • Damaged labels
  • Illegible barcodes
  • Products that don’t match packaging
  • Product inconsistencies or contaminants

And if you don’t have Superman on your team, you need the right technology to help you identify product inconsistencies – a tiny bone in a fish finger, for example – as well as labeling inaccuracies, such as the inclusion of the wrong ingredients.

The right vision system gives you peace of mind that your product quality is high and labeling is accurate

They’re becoming increasingly important, particularly where end-of-line packaging is automated. In fact, they’re taking food production quality control to a whole new level.

The Sparc-Eye label inspection system improves response speeds, reliability and airborne hygiene as well as reducing costs.

Forming a vital link in the traceability chain, it identifies product labeling via the continuous top and bottom label inspection. What’s more, it incorporates high specification cameras and controllers to provide continuous high-speed inspections at a rate of 200 per minute.

Ultimately, with the right system, you’ll enable processes to be automated and remove the need for human intervention (and error). As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Achieve repeatable and consistent production processes
  • Generate increased efficiencies
  • Improve the security and control of product quality
  • Eliminate errors in date and price coding and allergen labeling

With product recalls in the UK alone reportedly increasing by 50% last year, the risk posed by product recalls with the food industry shows no sign of letting up.

But don’t wait around for Superman to join your team to tackle the problem. Instead, get the right vision inspection system, and you’ll avoid product recalls that dent your profits and damage your brand’s reputation.

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