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Sparc Hera Loss in Weight Depositor

Introducing the Hera machine. Hera – manufactured by Sparc Systems – is a “loss-in-weight” depositor that can sprinkle free-flowing materials – such as spices, herbs, grains, nuts and vegetables – by weight, into or onto a conveyorised product. Watch our video to see the Hera in action and hear Sparc Systems MD David Buckley talk […]

Sparc IRIS X-Ray Pipeline Inspection system

The Pipeline X-ray system inspects pumped product and rejects contaminants prior to packaging or processing. This inspection leads to fewer wasted packaging materials, creates less rework and greatly reduces product loss caused by the removal of contaminants after packaging. By removing contaminants earlier in the process, the potential for expensive downtime events and damage to downstream […]

SPARC THEIA X-Ray Checkweigher Labelchecker Inspection system

Theia is one of the most advanced and practical combination X-Ray and checkweighing Systems available, and is ideal for large format products such as packaged tin bread or joints of meat. Watch our video to see the Theia in action.

Sparc Systems COP Video

To maintain your position in the global food industry, you need pinpoint precision, instantaneous data and absolute compliance. Watch our Codes of Practice video below to learn how Sparc Systems can help you tick all the boxes with vision-ready technology you can trust.

Hera Christmas video

Sparc Cerberus

Check out the high-performing Cerberus Fully integrated with single point controls and trend feedback, enjoy precise combination metal detection, checkweighing and label inspection with the Cerberus. Built from stainless steel, its heaviness empowers the Cerberus to deliver exceptional weighing performance as it doesn’t pick up vibrations from the outside environment. What’s more, it’s incredibly convenient. […]

Sparc Theia Inspection Checkweigher In Action

Discover unparalleled precision, accuracy and speed The Theia from Sparc Systems is a fully integrated, single point control combination x-ray inspection and checkweigher, delivering incredible precision and speed. Designed for the high risk food market, it’s a robust machine with automatic adjustments and reporting. Rejecting contaminated packs and verifying weight, it will help you avoid […]

Sparc Iris

Pipeline x-ray inspection at its best Our pipeline x-ray inspection system for protein and dairy applications combines accuracy and reliability. Ideal for pumped meat products, sauces, soups and much more besides, the Iris pipeline x-ray system inspects and rejects contaminants before the packaging process. As a result, not only will you waste less and reduce […]

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