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Living the American dream – continued success with Sesotec NA

Sparc Systems’ partnership with North American distributor, Sesotec North America, has gone from strength to strength following its launch last year, and the duo are preparing for this year’s Pack Expo International exhibition in Chicago on October 14 – 17. You can find out more about Sesotec’s plans for the event by reading this article. […]

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Sparc Systems hit the road with Haratek to showcase its latest machines

Last month, Sparc Systems hit the road with its distributor Haratek on a roadshow to 12 major food manufacturers in Spain. The team that included Sparc Systems’ sales and commercial director Daniel Frank, sales manager Charlie Graham, and technical development engineer Andrew Capocci, travelled from Galicia in northwest Spain, to the south of the country […]

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Sparc Systems increase international presence with Weber France partnership

As part of its international expansion and commitment of working with market-leading food manufacturing organisations, Sparc Systems has partnered with a new distributor – Weber France.   Weber France is a French subsidiary of the global machinery manufacturer, Weber Maschinenbau GmbH, which operates in the food processing industry and specialises in food slicing and packaging for […]

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Spanish launch with Haratek at Hispack 2018

We launched our new partnership with Spanish industrial machinery supplier Haratek last month at the Hispack 2018 event in Barcelona. The event saw us showcase the Sparc Theia machine – our most advanced, practical combination X-ray, label inspection and checkweighing system – which sparked fantastic feedback from event attendees. Delegates were impressed with its: Food […]

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Sparc IRIS X-Ray Pipeline Inspection system

The Pipeline X-ray system inspects pumped product and rejects contaminants prior to packaging or processing. This inspection leads to fewer wasted packaging materials, creates less rework and greatly reduces product loss caused by the removal of contaminants after packaging. By removing contaminants earlier in the process, the potential for expensive downtime events and damage to downstream […]

SPARC THEIA X-Ray Checkweigher Labelchecker Inspection system

The Theia Titan is one of the most advanced and practical combination X-Ray and checkweighing Systems available, and is ideal for large format products such as packaged tin bread or joints of meat. Watch our video to see the Theia in action.

Are you identifying all food contaminants?

There are many physical contaminants that can get into food, but identifying them isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. From bones in raw meat, to plastics, glass and metal, it’s crucial that food manufacturers find out exactly what the contaminants are and how the objects got into the food. In addition, by removing contaminants […]

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