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Sparc Systems COP Video

To maintain your position in the global food industry, you need pinpoint precision, instantaneous data and absolute compliance. Watch our Codes of Practice video below to learn how Sparc Systems can help you tick all the boxes with vision-ready technology you can trust.

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Colour-changing labels reveal food freshness

A new way to label food may soon help consumers to more accurately see if a product has passed its expiration date.   Label indicators that change colour depending on temperature fluctuations in the supply chain can reveal whether meat and other perishable products are fresh.   Currently, the main issue with a printed Best […]

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Food processing and Industry 4.0 – embracing the new industrial revolution

The food processing industry has been innovating for many years, now with bespoke production lines created to perform many tasks. And today it has a new challenge … to embrace the fourth industrial revolution, or more widely known in this digital age as Industry 4.0. From steam power and mass production assembly lines through to […]

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Sparc Cerberus

Check out the high-performing Cerberus Fully integrated with single point controls and trend feedback, enjoy precise combination metal detection, checkweighing and label inspection with the Cerberus. Built from stainless steel, its heaviness empowers the Cerberus to deliver exceptional weighing performance as it doesn’t pick up vibrations from the outside environment. What’s more, it’s incredibly convenient. […]

Viva Las Vegas – North American partnership launched at Pack Expo

Our new partnership with North American distributor, Sesotec, got off to the best of starts at Pack Expo in Las Vegas recently, (September 25 – 27). As we were showcasing Weycon, the new, co-branded, checkweigher and metal detector combination system for the first time, it was no surprise the interest and feedback was phenomenal and […]

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The True Cost Of Product Recalls – And How To Avoid Them

Product recalls can have a devastating impact on your company, and they’re on the rise. According to Allianz, the average cost of a food recall is £312,000. And, with more than a quarter of recalls due to foreign matter contamination, it’s crucial to ensure you have the right equipment to identify and remove contaminants. 27% of product […]

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