Introducing our counting,
weighing and inspection
system... all of them!
Need a metal detector that can also inspect labels?
Want to x-ray your bakery products?
Unsure which checkweigher would work best in your multi-lane formats?
Searching for ways to increase productivity in your protein business?
Whatever your requirements, our infographic is here to help.
Incorporating all our products and detailing their precise capabilities, use it to help narrow down your choice and find the right system for your business.


Highly reliable, robust and simple, discover small format X-ray inspection at its best.

200ppm View


Reliable, robust and simply to clean, our large format flat belt X-ray inspection ticks all the boxes.

60ppm View


Fully Integrated with single point controls and trend feedback, enjoy precise combination metal detection and checkweighing.

200ppm View

GW 150

Highly accurate and endlessly reliable, meet our high risk, net-weight grading and batching system.

200ppm View

Cerberus Twin Head

Just as capable as the Cerberus, but with the added benefit of checking for contaminants in foil and non-metallic packaging.

200ppm View

Hestia Dough Weigher

Both speedy and accurate, our dough weighing system is simple to clean.

10,000 per hour View


Fully integrated and completely unique, discover our high speed multilane metal detector and checkweigher.

200ppm View


Discover our unique, high risk, flow weighting system.

60ppm View

Ingredient Blender

Accurate and efficient, our blending system is designed specifically for bread and tea ingredients.



Unique, high speed, reliable and robust, enjoy the multiple benefits of our unpackaged product multi-lane X-ray inspection system.

100 ppm per lane View


Our pipeline X-ray inspection system for protein and dairy applications combines accuracy and reliability.



Our small format weighing system provides in process weight data on demand.



Reliable and robust, you'll love our high speed, large format multi-lane checkweigher.

100ppm per lane View

Theia Titan Combination X-Ray

Simple to clean and operate, you'll love our combination X-ray inspection and checkweigher with label inspection available.

150ppm View

Pie Lift Weigher

Robust, simple and reliable, meet our fully integrated process control weigher.


SPX 420

You can't beat our unpackaged product combination X-ray inspection and checkweigher.



Fully integrated with single point controls, the Sentinel checkweigher gives you the option to incorporate label inspection.

200ppm View

Theia Combination X-Ray

Reduce your footprint with our fully integrated, single point control combination X-ray inspection and checkweigher.

200ppm View

Sentinel XL

On a larger scale, but just as accurate and reliable as the smaller sibling.

150ppm View

TS 310

Simple yet effective, meet our highly reliable, low cost checkweigher.



Optimised for tin bread production, discover virtual checkweighing at its finest.

150ppm View


Inspects labels (top and bottom) for the presence of a correct product description, date code, lot numbers, allergen ID codes and barcode.

200ppm View


Hera is a “loss-in-weight” depositor used to dispense free-flowing materials by weight, into or onto conveyorised products.



The Heracles is a highly accurate, fully integrated; combination metal detection packaging inspection and check-weighing system specifically designed for large format food production applications.


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