Reduce expenses, increase performance

Minimise cost and space requirements with a purpose-built combination system from Sparc. Combining the superior performance, precision and productivity of our standalone checkweighers, our combi systems include innovative metal detection and x-ray technologies, ensuring your products are not only portioned correctly but also free of potentially harmful contaminants. 

Our combination checkweighers are built for a large range of diverse sectors and can be used to check for plastic and foil contaminants, x-rays and even label inspections, depending on your unique needs and requirements as a business. 

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    Multi-purpose functionality driven by technology

    Whether you operate in the protein, bakery, fresh produce or non-food markets, make the most of your line space and guarantee HACCP compliance with a heavy duty, data-driven combination system that is easy to maintain and control in the middle of high performance environments. Leverage our data collection technologies, such as live stats, batch information and QA reports, to make smarter production line design decisions and control everything from one simple user interface, reducing friction and minimising costly downtime


    Raptor CombiRaptor Combi

    Raptor Combi

    For manufacturers where traceability is paramount, the Raptor Combi is a new fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system.
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    Comprehensive checkweigher support

    Our commitment to minimise production downtime across food and non-food sectors goes further than just manufacturing and supplying high-performance systems. We offer comprehensive checkweigher service and support to all Sparc Systems customers to help alleviate the pressures associated with equipment faults.

    From on-site training, system calibration and inspections to the distribution of replacement parts, components, subsystems and modules, we do all that we can to make the lives of production engineers easier.

    Find out more about how we can help you get the best out of your checkweigher system, read up on the Service & Support offering we provide to all customers.

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