Getting the best out of your system with our checkweigher service & support

Choosing the right technology is just the beginning. To be the best in your industry, your system must perform to its limit at all times.

At Sparc Systems, we realise that what separates good companies from outstanding ones is getting the full ROI from your checkweighers system every single day.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive checkweigher service & support facility for all of our customers:

service support
  • Expert support at every stage – our team of field service engineers offer installation, commissioning, training, calibration and validation
  • Rapid assistance – should you encounter any problems, we will either fix the problem remotely or quickly despatch a member of our field service team for troubleshooting and repairs
  • Flexible service contracts – we’ll work with you to find the best support programme for your industrial inspection systems, including regular visits by qualified engineers, performance certificates and preferential spare part purchasing rates
  • Calibration contracts – let us take responsibility for tracking and calibrating your inspection instruments at regular intervals
  • Training – although our systems are easy to use and maintain, our Sparc-certified instructors offer training programmes for your operators and maintenance personnel
  • Upgrade inspections – to support your business innovation, we offer industrial inspection system upgrades, many of which can be carried out at your site
  • Parts distribution & parts kits – we have an extensive range of replacement parts, components, sub-systems and modules. New and existing clients can also buy parts kits so you can carry out maintenance yourself
  • Refurbishment and restoration – we can get used checkweighers and X-ray systems virtually back to their original condition – including parts not originally from our machine – and provide an appropriate warranty


Cutting-edge in motion checkweighers and food X-ray machines for the bakery industry.


Precision checkweighers and metal detector food processors for protein production.


In the fresh produce industry minimising contamination and speed to market is key.


Reliability, quality and efficiency are the cornerstone of Sparc Systems’ products.


In the pharmaceutical sector, you need equipment you can trust to deliver accurate, reliable results.

Stock Machines

Affordable checkweighers equipment with quick delivery. See our current supply of stock machinery.

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