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About Sparc

For your business to keep growing, you need the right technology – provided by the right partner.

Sparc Systems: Technology you can trust

Sparc systems has delivered checkweighers, X-ray, label inspection, bespoke weighing systems and industry-leading products and service to the high-risk food industry for over 40 years. As a result, we’re uniquely placed to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering world-class systems and pinpoint accuracy to the bakery and protein sectors.

Our experienced engineers leverage cutting-edge technology from the pharmaceutical and packaging markets, to deliver systems that increase your business productivity, while minimising downtime.

Our Mission

Reduced downtime

Robust design, standard components, superior cleanliness

Future proofing

Never obsolete, upgrade to latest technology, implement latest COPs

Streamlined processes

Ease of use, all food safety technology in one box

Pinpoint precision

Contaminant detection, packaging compliance and weighing

Dynamic data

Real-time updates, increased productivity

Absolute compliance

Meeting retailer’s strict codes of practice

David Buckley and the story of Sparc


The difference with Sparc Systems compared with other manufacturers is that we listen to what the customer wants and deliver that to them.

I have spent most of my career in protein and bakery, and I believe here at Sparc Systems, we are pushing the boundaries in these sectors. Not only do we make bespoke and full integrated systems offering all food safety in one “box” for better auditing, pretty unique in this industry, but we also give manufacturing butchers and bakers peace of mind that food safety and hygiene are paramount – allowing them to get on with what they do best.

A little history of Sparc


Company was founded under its original name of Packaging Control Systems in Malvern. Our original intention was to develop electronic systems and services for manufacturers and end-users in the food industry.

We became incorporated as Packaging Control Systems Ltd. and began designing and building electronic control systems for four machinery manufacturers.

After winning multiple accounts over the years, in 1984 we created a bespoke system based on our microprocessor racking system, which we had named SPARC. With Tetley warming to the term, we subsequently changed our company name to comply.

Acquired 50% ownership of an automatic weighing machine manufacturer, Ward Bekker Systems Ltd. We ran the two operations at separate sites, with Ward Bekker delivering complete food packaging lines (using Sparc Systems control systems) to food processing companies throughout Europe.

Built our own premises, Sparc House, a purpose-built, 18,000 square foot building at Merebrook.

A key milestone as we introduced our first combination metal detection and checkweighing system.

Patented the EFS sensor, a revolutionary system for measuring the mass of pharmaceutical tablets as they fall in to the bottle, at speeds of up to 3,000 per minute.

Introduced the improved TS 310 combination metal detection and checkweighers system. In addition, we designed a high-speed tablet-counting system with a throughput of 10,000 tablets per minute.

David Buckley joined the company as Managing Director.

After winning multinational giant, Lego, in 2004, Sparc designed an updated sensing device to ensure that the correct bricks were dispensed to each kit.

Introduced various X-ray inspection systems, including the Medusa 420 combination eight-lane X-ray inspection system, the Apollo 420 X-ray inspection system, and the Iris 420 Pipeline X-ray inspection system.

Introduced the enhanced Titan 420 combination metal detection and checkweighing system, designed specifically for finished tin bread products, and the Xtreme 2 fibre optic control system for high speed tablet counters. Sparc Systems undertook a brand refresh.

Careers at Sparc

We’re searching for dedicated, passionate engineers to join our growing team.

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