Design, development and production of counting, weighing and inspection systems.

Speed and accuracy is critical in mass production, yet no two sectors face the same challenges getting products to market.
That’s why Sparc Systems checkweigher manufacturers have developed unique process control and inspection systems for the bakery, protein, pharma and produce industries.

Our innovative, effective portion control, checkweigher and X-ray Inspection technologies offer an uncompromisingly good performance to help you maximise customer satisfaction.

Bakery Checkweigher Manufacturers - Sparc Systems

Cutting-edge depositor control systems, in-motion checkweighers and X-ray inspection machines designed specifically for the bakery industry

Protein Checkweigher Manufacturers - Sparc Systems

Custom designed processing solutions, portion control systems, precision X-ray inspection machines and checkweighers for protein production


Portion control systems, depositors, X-ray Inspection and checkweighing

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Selective combination weighing systems, bespoke automation and process control

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Pharmaceutical checkweighers

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